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No Youth Left Behind Foundation of America

Martin Luther King Jr. Educational Center


Dr. Carroll Cooks NYLB Founder

It is enormously heart-wrenching that many of our youth today cannot read, write or perform in our educational system. In today’s society, there are many underserved families with youth who are struggling financially and feel dislocated, disconnected and detached.

On a daily basis many of our youth experience a lack of nutrition, homelessness and imprisonment. These youth that are left behind, experience many crises and generational abandonment problems due to indifference, economic disadvantages and cultural perceptions.

America’s youth are speaking to us. They are seeking direction, experience, growth and guidance in the challenges of daily self-sufficient livelihood.

Mission Statement

 Protecting inner city youth by Removing barriers and Encouraging them to succeed.

Protecting: We bring college students to rally around the inner city youth, protecting them from negative and harmful influences.

Removing: We provide a place where youth can be fed physically, intellectually, and relationally. This removes any hindrance to a successful life. Once these barriers are removed, we provide programs and workshops to enhance their lives.

Encouraging: We build courage in these youth to be creative and bold, to venture into new unexplored areas of life such as college or the workforce. They need courage to say “no” to the things that will prevent them from succeeding: drugs, gangs, and negative influences.

Essentially, we’re about PRE-vention. Connecting with the youth PRE-addiction, PRE-criminal activity, and PRE-incarceration. We want to act before it’s too late.

Our Vision:
Our vision is to empower our youth through education, real-life training, workforce development, and work environment training. And to empower our community by creating quality human experiences with valuable educational programs and activities.

Current Objective:
Our objective is to establish I. C.A.R.E. (Inner City Arms Around Education) and the National Youth Awarenesss Campaign, and to introduce to America the National Youth Awareness Decal. And to network and assist other Non-Profit Organizations with continuity to help;

  • Improve Academic Performance
  • Increase awareness of life opportunities
  • Empower youth to manage their financial affairs
  • Provide a safe, secure and nourishing environment for our youth
  • Develop life skills that can be passed on to future generations