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No Youth Left Behind Foundation of America

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youth_engagement_chessWe have created an after school program that brings chess instruction to our local communities. We teach children grades k-8. We create a comfortable atmosphere that allows your child to participate in homeworks, workbooks, tournaments and more.
We believe that chess teaches some very important life skills that can be strengthened through continuous chess play. Through chess instruction your child will learn these skills without even knowing they’re learning.

Chess has been PROVEN to enhance creativity, problem solving, memory, concentration, intellectual maturity, self esteem, and many other abilities that a parent or teacher would desire.

This proves what all of us involved in chess have been saying for years… chess makes you smarter!

Click here to visit the U.S. Chess Mates website.

We bring chess instruction to many Private, Public and Religious Schools. We also teach at many community centers throughout California. If you would like to learn more about where we teach please call our center today at 510-648-2147

As part of our community involvement we have paired with a local chess tournament program named “U.S. Chess Mates” to bring the experience of chess tournaments to students and children that play within our program.

U.S. Chess Mates has been a great help in formating our program and creating workbooks and lessons for us to use.

To Sponsor a chess program, add a chess program to your school or location or to learn more about our community involvement , please contact Steve at:

Phone: 510-648-2147
Email: Steve@noyouthleftbehindfoundation.org

Refund Policy

Because we are a nonprofit organization monies received are usually accounted for and used immediately. We will only offer refunds for school transfers and family emergencies. When applying for a refund please be aware there is a $35 processing fee and refunds usually take 2-3 weeks before received. Refunds are sent to the last address received. If you have moved please submit an email containing your current address.